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Madmutt Music       MEET THE COLLECTIVE

Martyn McQuade 
Owner .  Madmutt Music




With over 40 years experience in music, humble beginings as a studio assistant, years of live work, producing tracks and albums for bands, recording singer song-writers, tutoring in further education and private teaching, starting the writers collective felt the most natural path for me to take. Providing music for the music industry.



Paul Hughes

Singer Songwriter/Videogragher




Growing up, I had a variety of different musical influences from Queen, Dr Hook to Bob Marley (I know, who hasn’t right?). Which have all lead me to want to be a story teller in my songs. It might not be my story I’m telling, but a story nonetheless. It’s taken years of writing the wrong songs, to finally be writing ones to be proud of. I’m still on the eternal search for the perfect line, in the perfect song. And the journey will continue…

I’m happy to be a part of something bigger than myself. Working with a very select club of talented musicians from a variety of genres, I’m excited to see who will join the band of merry men and women next. I look forward to collaborating with Mad Mutt Music and having a lot of fun in the process. I have a great deal of respect for the captain of the ship one Mr Martyn Mcquade.


Sofia Andreucci
Bilingual Vocalist/Writer
Both my parents were born in Italy, I was born in Edinburgh where I began singing from a very young age, singing for family, singing at weddings and in church. Typically I enjoy singing soulful pop ballads, country and of course, Italian music, which suits my Alto/mezzo Soprano voice. I’ve had extensive professional vocal training, studied music at college, I sing in competitions and regularly and take part in music festivals in parents home town Picinisco in the summer. My journey is now with Madmutt Music, learning studio production, co-writing bilingual songs.



Duncan Calum Blair

I gained an interest in music production at the age of twelve, stringing loops together with GarageBand on my cousins iMac, graduating to more sophisticated software and leaving loops behind a while later; building a 'bedroom studio' in Summer 2006. Since then I've been producing and songwriting in a range of genres from Hip-Hop, EDM (including Dubstep, Trap, House and Electro), TV & Radio Jingles to Chart Pop Music in which I specialise. Latest works include writing and producing for one of the Philippines biggest performing Artistes.